Joint - Stock Company «Chernomortransneft» is a subsidiary of Transneft (Transneft, JSC before June 30, 2016).

Key lines of business


  • Developing the Company’s foreign economic relationships;
  • Performing investment  activities pursuant to the RF laws;
  • Transporting oil via trunk pipelines;
  • Shipping oil from pipeline loading stations;
  • Storing oil in containers, storing oil refinery products; 
  • Developing in a comprehensive way a network of pipelines, oil transshipment depots, railway overpasses, and other facilities of oil pipeline transportation; 
  • Overhauling and repairing equipment, buildings and facilities, including social and cultural ones;
  • Carrying out repair and emergency recovery works at oil pipeline transportation facilities; Installing equipment and start-up works at oil pipeline transportation facilities;
  • Participating in the solution of research and technical progress tasks in pipeline transportation, implementing new types of technologies, materials of high quality; 
  • Engineering, building and operating, preserving and liquidating oil pipeline transportation and other facilities;
  • Developing the Company’s foreign economic relationships.