Chernomortransneft starts creating aquatic organisms plantation in the Black Sea water area

Chernomortransneft has started implementing an environmental project for creating a dedicated aquatic organisms plantation in the Black Sea water area. The plantation will be located in the places where deepwater releases of the treated production waste, storm and utility water from Sheskharis Transshipment Complex (TC) are performed. The project will enable environmental monitoring of the water due to the ability of sea organisms to respond to pollution.

Chernomortransneft conducts emergency response drill in Black Sea

Chernomortransneft and Transneft Service have conducted an emergency response drill (ERD) in the water area of Tsemes Bay in the Black Sea. The purpose is polishing the actions to be taken by professional emergency rescue teams (PERTs) of Transneft Service to contain and eliminate an oil or petroleum product spill in the emergency area.

Chernomortransneft employees participate in donor initiative

Several business units of Chernomortransneft have taken part in the Save a Leukemia Child donor initiative, namely Krasnodar Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate, the Sheskharis industrial complex, the Production Service Shop, and the Company’s Executive Office. The event was organised by Chernomortransneft trade union and RUSFOND, a charity fund for seriously ill children.