Inspection and Replacement of Recinforced-Concrete Tanks with Vertical Steel Tanks Continues at Sheskharis Transshipment Complex within the Reconstruction

Date of publication: 20 July 2015

In July 2015, Chernomortransneft, JSC is conducting a full technical inspection of two ZhBR-10000 oil tanks at Grushovaya site of Sheskharis transshipment complex (TSC) in accordance with the program for replacement of reinforced-concrete tanks (RCT) with vertical steel tanks (VST).

Eight similar tanks at Grushovaya have been already dismantled; instead of them two new pontoon tanks RVS(P)-30000 with greater capacity were installed in 2015. The construction of four more tanks, which will be commissioned in 2016, is now in progress. Their design enables reduction of hydrocarbons evaporation and thus unfavorable impact on environmental.

Chernomortransneft, JSC commenced extensive reconstruction of the complex in 2012. The length of its process pipelines will be reduced by 2025, upon completion of the works related to upgrading and technical re-equipment, and capacity of its commodity tanks will be increased. Implementation of the investment program will enable extension of transshipped products – Sheskharis TSC will be able to receive and store crude oil, oil residue, diesel fuel and gasoline.

Besides, partial inspection of pontoon tank RVSPK-50000 of Tikhoretskaya transshipment  oil depot of Tikhoretsk regional oil trunk pipeline department was completed on July 14th, within the overall program for inspection of pipelines and facilities of pump stations of Chernomortransneft, JSC for the current year. The work was performed by the specialists of Transneft Diascan, JSC.