Chernomortransneft JSC successfully passed the audit of the environmental management system

Date of publication: 07 August 2015

Chernomortransneft JSC successfully passed the scheduled audit of the environmental management system (EMS) for the compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2004. The inspection audit was conducted on the basis of the executive office of the Tikhoretsk Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Department and Tarasovskaya Pump Station. The inspection format included the interviews of the managers and reviewing of the EMS documentation of Chernomortransneft JSC. The auditor reviewed the industrial measures aimed at the mitigation of the emergency risks with environmental impacts.

Chernomortransneft JSC generated a data bank for the technical condition of the trunk oil pipelines within the program on the environmental safety. A classification of the identified defects which enables a quick and effective repair of them was developed. Scheduled inspection of tanks and additional equipping of special emergency response divisions with up-to-date skimmers are intended for the mitigation of the environmental risks. The company takes measures implements aimed at the energy saving as well. They include the replacement of the power equipment, optimization of the production process, and implementation of the energy audit recommendations. A program on training for the right to handle the I-IV hazard class waste was prepared in order to improve the personnel qualifications in the area of dangerous waste handling.

The environmental management system (EMS) is a part of the general management system of Chernomortransneft JSC. The system ensures a high environmental activity level corresponding to the legal requirements and enables the identification of the priorities for the preparation of the environmental objectives and tasks and improvement of the environmental consciousness of the company’s personnel. EMS was introduced in 2004 and certified in 2005.

Following the results of the inspection, the auditor of the Russian office of DQS GmbH confirmed the compliance of the Environmental management system of Chernomortransneft, JSC with the requirements of the international standards ISO 14001:2004.