Environmental Analytical Laboratory of Krasnodar ROTPD at Chernomortransneft, JSC Granted Accreditation Certificate

Date of publication: 12 August 2015

In July 2015, the environmental analytical laboratory of the Krasnodar Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Department at Chernomortransneft, JSC successfully completed a regular accreditation by the state. The certificate issued by the Federal Accreditation Service (RusAccreditation) confirmed its competence and compliance with the Russian and international performance standards. The experts praised high level of chemical and analytical arrangements, precision of methods application and excellent quality of surveys.

The analytical laboratory of the Krasnodar ROTPD performs regular environmental monitoring in the area where facilities of Chernomortransneft, JSC are located. In activity assessment the certification commission distinguished high accuracy of measurements (chemical analyses of outdoor air, natural and waste waters, other natural factors).

The environmental analytical laboratory regularly provides the company with trustworthy information on studies of the environmental components during industrial environmental control. The operations are carried out in line with the environmental policy of Transneft, JSC.