Tank farm and linear portion inspected at Chernomortransneft facilities

Date of publication: 13 March 2017 Print

 A set of storage tank inspection works was done at Chernomortransneft facilities in the scope of 2017 comprehensive inspection programme.

The first phase of comprehensive technical inspection of VAFRT-30000 (vertical aluminium floating-roof tank) No. 3 at Zarechye PS was completed in late February.

Comprehensive technical inspection covers analysis of engineering documentation, visual inspection control (VIC), ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM), levelling, vacuum treatment by results of CRC (corrosion-resistant coating) testing, ultrasonic testing (UST).

Partial technical inspection of VFRT–50000 at the Sheskharis TC was also performed, with additional flaw detection (X-ray) of weld joints between the 3rd and 4th belts of the tank wall.

A section of Tikhoretsk-Khadyzhenskaya and Tikhoretsk-Tuapse-2 oil trunk pipelines (OTP) with DN 700 was inspected using DKK1 combined magnetic and ultrasonic inspection tool. The BGT part of PRN PIG was run in section of 233-312 kilometres of the Obvodnoy OTP around the Chechen Republic in preparations for diagnostic inspection of the section using the DKM PIG.

In January - February this year, the pipelines of the unmanned technological tunnel across Markhotkh Ridge from Grushovaya production site to Sheskharis production site of the Sheskharis transshipment complex were cleaned.

In the framework of Tikhoretsk-Novorossiysk-1 OTP changeover to diesel pumping, cleaning the OTP intracavity from asphalt, resin and paraffin deposits (ARPD) was completed. The work was done using the “stops” of additive and diesel in sections of 0-97 km and 222-244 km, subject to the engineering solutions developed by Transneft R&D. Temporary repair structures and previously discovered defects were also eliminated.

Underway now has been the work on removing oil residues and ARPD from the OTP main leg sections (97-132 km, 132-185 km, and 185-222 km) of process pipelines, equipment at Tikhoretskaya TSD (transshipment depot) and Grushovaya PS (production site) of Sheskharis TC.