Chernomortransneft continues reconstruction of Tikhoretsk – Novorossiysk-1 oil trunk pipeline as part of the Yug project

Date of publication: 17 April 2017 Print

Chernomortransneft continues works on the object “Yug Project 1 Stage. Reconstruction of Tikhoretsk – Novorossiysk Oil Trunk Pipelines (OTP)”. The activities are performed as part of implementation of the investment programme of the petroleum products pipelines system development.

The specialists prepare the oil pipeline’s transfer for diesel fuel transportation. A set of activities on cleaning the internal cavity of Tikhoretsk – Novorossiysk-1 OTP using chemical agents was finished for that purpose.

At the present time works on conducting hydraulic tests necessary for further accident-free operation of the OTP have been finished. As well, works on BGT tool analysis are conducted for specifying the oil pipeline’s minimum flow area by means of passing the multichannel geometry tool in the pipe.

After finishing the set of works on hydraulic tests and BGT tool analysis, in-line inspection of Tikhoretsk – Novorossiysk-1 OTP by means of passing the combined examination device (CED) is planned to be conducted for detecting possible defects.

The works on reconstruction started in October 2016 and are conducted as part of transfer of Tikhoretsk – Novorossiysk-1 OTP for Euro-5 diesel fuel transportation to Sheskharis Transshipment Complex.