Chernomortransneft finished the planned works on reconstruction of a section of Kuybyshev – Tikhoretsk oil pipeline

Date of publication: 15 May 2017 Print

Chernomortransneft finished the set of construction and assembly works as part of replacement of a section of Kuybyshev – Tikhoretsk oil trunk pipeline (section Peschanokopskaya – Tikhoretsk, length – 865 metres).
Hydraulic strength and leak tests were conducted at the oil trunk pipeline section under replacement, operated by Tikhoretsk Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate of Chernomortransneft. The oil trunk pipeline section was cleared of mechanical impurities, metering works and connection to the operated oil pipeline were performed.
The works were conducted as part of the programme of technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul of Chernomortransneft and were finished 81 days ahead of schedule.
The performed activities will allow securing accident-free operation and environmental safety of oil trunk pipelines of Chernomortransneft.