Illegaltappingconsequencesmitigation at Lisichansk-Tikhoretsk-1 oil trunk pipeline

Date of publication: 14 June 2017 Print

On June 5,at Lisichansk-Tikhoretsk-1 oil trunk pipeline section (OTP), in Cossack Village Kushchevskaya area, The Security Division specialists of Chernomortransneft, JSC together with Transneft Security, LLC stafffound the illegal tapping 100 meters from the main axis of the oil pipeline. During the search operation, it was determined that the tapping resulted in 0.8 m3oil seep.
The Emergency Repair Divisions of Chernomortransneft, JSCTikhoretsk Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Directoratestarted working immediately on mitigating consequences of crude hydrocarbonsseep. The company employees contained the polluted area by making an earth mound; there was no possibility for the oil spill to get intoKugo-Eya river. The cleaning of the territory, oil skimming and contaminated soil removal were done in short terms. The place of emergency was inspected by government institutions representatives, the inspection reports were drawn up. By this moment all the operations regarding illegal tapping consequences mitigation are accomplished. The unidentified third party is responsible for the petroleum products seep, who had a fuel stealingcriminal intent. The authorities are investigating the illegal tapping case in accordance with the Russian legislation.