Chernomortransneft, JSC organized control fire fighting and tactical drills at Sheskharis transshipment complex

Date of publication: 11 July 2017 Print


Chernomortransneft together with the Federal Fire Fighting Service (FPS (Federal Fire Fighting Service)) of EMERCOM of Russia for Krasnodar Region organized control fire fighting and tactical drills at Sheskharis transshipment complex (TC).
According to the legend of the drills, due to violation of the rules of technical work inside vertical steel tank No. 14 with the capacity of 30 thousand cubic meters (РВС-30000) there was an imaginary explosion of gas vapor mixture with destruction of the roof. The petroleum product was burning on the whole surface of the tank. The automatic fire-extinguishing systems and sprinkler system did not work.
After timely notification of the dispatcher of the 18th Fire-Rescue Division of the 8th squad of FPS of GPS (State Fire Fighting Service) for Krasnodar Region of the fire by the operator of the facility, the personnel received instructions to block inflow of the petroleum product to the burning tank. Employees of the company were evacuated without delay. The fire crew that arrived at the site immediately started fire extinguishing. Volunteer fire brigades of the production facility also participated in the fight with fire at the area of 1,809 sq.m.
The firemen concentrated on cooling and extinguishing of the burning tank, preparation and performance of a foam attack. To extinguish the fire they applied subsurface method with the use of mobile fire-fighting equipment and directed the foam from above using a foam tower. After performance of all fire-fighting operations the imaginary fire was extinguished.
During the drills, the personnel and emergency services of Sheskharis TC and divisions of FPS practiced in cooperation.
The control fire fighting and tactical drills involved the efforts and resources of the 2nd and 8th squads of FPS of GPS for Krasnodar Region, 27 members of EMERCOM personnel and 7 units of equipment. Summarizing the results of the drills, Sergey Bashkatov, chief specialist of the Fire Safety Division of the Occupational, Industrial, Fire, and Environmental Safety Department of Transneft, remarked that the programme of the drills was fulfilled, the personnel of Chernomortransneft and members of the fire fighting crew successfully extinguished the imaginary fire within the regulatory time limit.