Chernomortransneft Plans to Save Over 2.03 Million kWh of Electricity in 2018

Date of publication: 08 February 2018 Print

Within the scope of the energy saving and efficiency improvement programme for 2018, Chernomortransneft expects to save more than RUB 9 million, with an expected decrease in power consumption by more than 2.03 million kWh.

In 2018, the Year of Energy Saving at Transneft subsidiaries, Chernomortransneft has planned a set of energy-saving measures at its production facilities. Overall, 1138 light sources with sodium-vapour, gas-filled and halogen lamps will be replaced with LED lights. The work will be carried out in two business units — Krasnodar and Tikhoretsk Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorates (KROTPD, TROTPD).

In addition, energy saving will be achieved with the help of measures to reduce consumption of boiler and furnace fuels and outsourced thermal energy. An automated temperature mode control system and a system of concentrating suntraps to ensure hot water supply will be installed for the purpose. New equipment is being adopted at the Sheskharis Transshipment Complex (TC) facilities.

Optimising the crude oil and petroleum products pumping process, including cleaning of pipelines and mud trap filters from paraffin-containing tars is expected to save more than RUB 3.6 million. The scheduled activities will take place at production facilities of the Sheskharis TC, KROTPD, and TROTPD.

The focus will be on optimising the transportation routes, reducing inefficient runs and improving the traffic discipline, as well as renovating the fleet of regular and special vehicles. Chernomortransneft expects to save more than RUB 1 million by accomplishing these activities.

It is also planned to implement energy saving measures in thermal energy generation. The company will continue adopting indoor automated temperature mode control systems, optimising the operation modes, will carry out scheduled repairs of buildings and structures to reduce the heat loss factor as much as possible. The Company is expected to save RUB 300,000 and 35 tons of oil equivalent in the above activities.