Chernomortransneft congratulates Great Patriotic War veterans on Victory Day

Date of publication: 08 May 2018 Print

Chernomortransneft has congratulated the Great Patriotic War veterans who used to work with the Company on the Victory Day.

By tradition, the veterans received food gift baskets and financial aid. On the eve of the holiday, greeting cards were given personally to each veteran.

This year, the Company’s staff members congratulated 94 veterans of the Great Patriotic War, homefront workers and concentration camp prisoners, including 12 combat veterans. Chernomortransneft’s management decided to congratulate and give gifts to the veterans residing in the area of the Company’s operations – the Krasnodar, Stavropol and Rostov regions as well as the Republic of Daghestan.

“The great Victory Day will always remind us of what you, the older generation, had to endure in that hard time. We do remember those who encountered death in fights for the sake of their Fatherland, those who survived the severities of occupation, those whose heroic labour on the homefront brought the Victory closer and who restored the country from the ruins. This is the day we must all remember, the day of the great valour, national pride and glory,” Aleksandr Zlenko, Director General of Chernomortransneft addressed the veterans.

As part of its social policy, Chernomortransneft focuses on giving care to war and labour veterans. The support goes beyond the days of celebrations. Apart from financial aid, the Company makes targeted purchases of medicines and necessary domestic appliances. The Company also gives veterans trips to health and recreation resorts.