Chernomortransneft hosts meeting of Transneft Board of Directors

Date of publication: 01 June 2018 Print

On 31 May 2018, Chernomortransneft hosted an in-person meeting of Transneft Board of Directors in Gelendzhik, chaired by Alexander Novak, the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Within the scope of the visit, the delegation visited Sheskharis and Grushovaya sites of Sheskharis transshipment complex, part of Chernomortransneft, and listened to Alexandr Zlenko, General Director of the Company, reporting on the results of implementing a technical upgrading and revamping programme at the facility.

The attendees took a look at Grushovaya site’s tank farm, whose capacity after the revamping, to be completed in 2020, is expected to amount to 1,530,000 m3.

The delegation paid a visit to Grushovaya–Sheskharis unmanned technological tunnel. The tunnel was brought into operation in 2015; it is a reinforced concrete structure with the inside diameter of 3,300 mm and 3,224 metres of process pipelines  designed for transportation of oil and petroleum products (diesel fuiel, fuel oil, petrol) from Grushovaya site to Sheskharis site across the Markotkh Ridge. The technological tunnel is unmanned; the inner space between the tunnel lining and pipeline casings is filled with the backfilling mixture. The warranted service life of the new tunnel shall be 50 years, according to the design codes and standards.

Special emphasis was put on the programme of converting facilities of Sheskharis Transshipment Complex to acceptance, storage and shipment of petroleum products within the Yug project.
The meeting also viewed the results of simultaneous revamping of Sheskharis oil site and Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port, which make integral part of the programme for increasing oil and petroleum products transshipment via the port of Novorossiysk.