Chernomortransneft conducts scheduled inspection of air condition at Tikhoretskaya oil transshipment depot’s sanitary protection zone border

Date of publication: 08 June 2018 Print

Chernomortransneft has conducted a scheduled inspection of air condition at the border of the sanitary protection zone (SPZ) of Tikhoretskaya oil transshipment depot (OTSD) of Tikhoretsk Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (ROTPD).

The operational control of the air condition is being carried out in order to detect possible air pollution.

The planned sampling was performed by specialists of ROTPD’s environmental analysis laboratory. Air samples were taken in specially assigned locations at the border of the oil depot’s SPZ.

Duration of each session was 20 minutes, air samples were taken three times a day, for five days. At the same time, meteorological parameters (wind direction and speed as well as temperature and pressure) that can have significant effect on the level of pollution were measured. Then, the samples were studied to identify possible impurities (sulfur oxides, nitrogen, carbon, hydrocarbon and hydrogen sulphide).

According to the findings, compliance with the maximum permissible concentrations of the substances in question in the control locations was confirmed.

Operational control of air condition at facilities of Tikhoretsk ROTPD is carried out four times a year in accordance with the relevant regulatory document. Previously, similar procedures were performed at Tarasovskaya and Rodionovskaya oil pumping stations (PS) as well as at Nezlobnaya line operation dispatcher station (LODS).