Chernomortransneft replaces four electric motors at Rodionovskaya PS

Date of publication: 19 June 2018 Print

Chernomortransneft has replaced four electric motors (EMs) at Rodionovskaya booster oil pumping station (PS) of Tikhoretsk Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (TROTPD) in execution of a technical upgrading programme.

The new motors, with the design capacity of 800 kW each, ensure oil pumping from the PS’s tank farm to a mainline pump house. The booster electric motors were replaced stage-by-stage within a month. The first motor was installed and put into operation during a planned shutdown of the Lisichansk–Tikhoretsk 1,2 oil trunk pipeline. Then, three more motors were put into operation one by one.

Each electric motor is equipped with an anti-condensation system, which eliminates moisture inside the casing. Specialist from the plant control system (PCS) section of Rodionovskaya PS updated the electric motors automation system software that is used for adding new signals to it. 10 new sensors were connected to the existing protection devices to monitor temperature of stators and winding, as well as hot and cold air in EM housing. A sensor to monitor vertical (axial) vibration of the upper bearing was also connected. These measures will ensure safe operation of the pumps.

Service life of the electric motors that were put into operation is 20 years.