Chernomortransneft Holds Emergency Response Drill at Belaya River Underwater Crossing

Date of publication: 02 October 2018 Print

Chernomortransneft has held an emergency response drill (ERD) at the Tikhoretsk – Tuapse oil trunk pipeline’s underwater crossing (OTPUWC) of the Belaya River in Krasnodar Territory.

The purpose of the drill was to verify that the actual time spent on containing an oil spill on water surface was in line with the OTPUWC oil and petroleum products leakage prevention and response plans. Apart from that, the Company practiced mobilisation of forces and equipment to conduct an emergency oil spill response operation in the responsibility area of Krasnodar Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate affiliated with Chernomortransneft.

The ERD brought together employees of a line emergency operation division, the personnel and equipment of Pshekhskaya LODS, Novovelichkovskaya PS and CMD No. 1 at Novovelichkovskaya.
Under the drill’s script, a loss of containment of the oil trunk pipeline occurred, followed by an “oil release” onto the river surface. The ERD’s participants had to promptly eliminate the “oil” from the water surface and preclude its propagation. Booms were deployed for this purpose. Dedicated oil skimming systems enabled the employees to contain and collect the “oil” from the water surface, which was followed by environmental analytical control of the biological resources.

Based on the drill’s results, a commission comprised by representatives of Chernomortransneft and Transneft UW Service concluded that the ERD’s participants successfully coped with their mission. The drill demonstrated that the participants were highly prepared to respond to emergencies in the Company’s area of operations in due time and with observation of all safety rules.