Chernomortransneft Checks Water Condition near Underwater Crossings of oil Pipelines in Stavropol Territory

Date of publication: 10 October 2018 Print

Chernomortransneft has performed industrial environmental and analytical monitoring of pollutants content in surface water bodies located in Stavropol Territory.

Employees of the environmental analysis laboratory at Tikhoretskaya oil transshipment depot (OTSD) of Tikhoretsk Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (Tikhoretsk ROTPD) analysed water composition in four rivers: the Kuma, the Podkumok, the Kuban and the Kura. Samples were taken near underwater crossings of the Malgobek – Tikhoretsk oil trunk pipeline (OTP) and the Obvodnoi Vokrug Chechenskoi Respubliki (Bypass around the Chechen Republic) OTP. River water samples were taken at three points: directly above the underwater crossings, 500 m upstream and 500 m downstream.

Such monitoring is carried out twice a year – during the low-water and high-water season. The inspection takes place in accordance with the schedule agreed with the water resources section for Stavropol Territory of the Kuban Basin Water Directorate (BWD).

According to the results of the inspection, the background concentrations of harmful substances in the water do not exceed the thresholds.

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Chernomortransneft pays great attention to environmental safety and compliance with environmental legislation. The Company's environmental policy standards are taken into account when designing, constructing and operating oil pipeline facilities.