Chernomortransneft Completes Revamping of Control and Automation System at Sheskharis Transshipment Complex

Date of publication: 27 November 2018 Print

Chernomortransneft has finished revamping the microprocessor system of automation (MPSA) of process equipment at Grushovaya and Sheskharis industrial sites.

The facility’s microprocessor system of automation controls oil and petroleum products pumping parameters in real time, operates process equipment in accordance with the given operation criteria, protects and ensures fail-safe functioning of the whole process equipment complex at the facility.

During the revamping of the automation system at Sheskharis transshipment complex (TC), extensive work was carried out at both sites (Grushovaya and Sheskharis) in order to introduce the technical means controlling such technological processes as oil acceptance from the oil trunk pipeline and its transfer to the tank farm, oil delivery to berth facilities and loading of oil into tankers as well as control and protection of main and auxiliary process equipment.

Sheskharis TC has become the first facility where the technology of direct oil and petroleum products loading from a tank farm to berth facilities was implemented. For this, automatic pressure and oil flow control systems (APCS and OFCS) were installed on the process equipment of the upper site of Sheskharis, allowing for direct loading of oil from the tanks at Grushovaya site to the berths, bypassing the tank farm of the upper site of Sheskharis.

In addition to the installation of the plant control systems that ensure equipment‘s safe and continuous functioning, both industrial sites’ tank farms were equipped with automatic control sensors that measure tanks’ tilt and also control seismic load and the level of air pollution.

Moreover, an automatic oil and petroleum products routing system was introduced at the transshipment complex to ensure a high level of security for the whole facility. This system operates process equipment automatically and determines a route for loading raw materials onto tankers in accordance with the selected mode.

Establishing a data exchange system between the MPSAs at Grushovaya and Sheskharis became yet another innovation within the complex’s automation system. In case of emergency the MPSA communication will immediately suspend oil and petroleum products pumping.

The set of measures being implemented is intended to ensure a high level of industrial and environmental safety at the facilities of Sheskharis TC as well as to reduce the costs of operation by optimising the technological process allowing for reduction of time, human and energy resources required.