Chernomortransneft Commences Construction of New Section of Malgobek – Tikhoretsk OTP

Date of publication: 07 December 2018 Print

Chernomortransneft has commenced construction of a new section of the Malgobek – Tikhoretsk oil trunk pipeline (OTP), which Tikhoretsk Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (TROTPD) is in charge of.

The construction is being carried out in Andropovsky District of Stavropol Territory. 14.071 km of pipes are to be welded into a single string and laid into a trench within the same corridor as the Malgobek – Tikhoretsk OTP.

The construction of the new section will be performed in two stages. During the first stage, managerial and engineering preparations were conducted: storage sites for materials and equipment were prepared, the construction route was cleared, and a route road was arranged.

At the second stage, construction and installation as such started. Horizontal directional drilling was completed and casing for pulling the pipe was laid under two motorways leading to Kunakovsky and Kurshava Settlements and under the Krymgereyevskaya – Aleksandrovskaya motorway. Trenching, welding, and joint sealing works are currently in progress. Upon completion of the welding and installation, hydraulic tests of the underwater crossing will be performed in order to check its strength and tightness; an in-line inspection using a magnetic combined defectoscope will also be conducted. After that, the new section will be connected to the oil trunk pipeline.

The construction is being carried out as part of the comprehensive technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul programme implemented by Chernomortransneft in order to ensure uninterrupted and safe operation of oil trunk pipelines. The completion of the works is scheduled for September 2019.