Chernomortransneft Completes Preparing Operating Facilities for Autumn and Winter

Date of publication: 07 October 2019

Chernomortransneft has prepared its operating facilities for the autumn and winter period in 2019-2020.

In all business units of the Company, works aimed at uninterrupted and effective functioning of operating facilities during the period of maximum loads were carried out.
At oil trunk pipelines (OTP), 2,689 stop valves were seasonally inspected for complete opening and closing. 23 sections of standby legs of underwater crossings were cleaned. The oil leakage detection and the OTP telemetry systems were tested for operability.

344 units of protective structures, ditches, dams were examined, the readiness of 108 tanks for operating in the winter period was confirmed.
16 boiler houses, 41 kilometres of heating networks, heating systems of 232 buildings and structures were prepared for seasonal operation. Inspection and maintenance were carried out at 2,265 km of HVL-6/10 kV and 34 emergency diesel power plants.

The technical condition of fire safety systems was checked in all business units, availability of primary fire extinguishing equipment was ensured, 17 specialised units to eliminate possible emergencies operate in high-alert mode.
As a result of the measures taken, a passport of readiness for uninterrupted operation in the autumn-winter period was issued for the facilities and structures of Chernomortransneft.