Chernomortransneft Conducts Emergency Response Drill at Tikhoretsk – Tuapse Trunk Pipeline’s Underwater Crossing

Date of publication: 13 March 2020

Chernomortransneft emergency operation units of the Krasnodar Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (KRPD) have conducted an emergency response drill (ERD) on elimination of a simulated oil spill in the Tikhoretsk — Tuapse oil trunk pipeline underwater crossing (OTPUWC) in the Kuban River.

In total, 33 people were involved in the ERD, 12 units of special-purpose vehicles were used, including fire trucks.

As per the drill scenario, the pressure at the OTPUWC dropped sharply. The Pshekhskaya LODS dispatcher received an emergency alarm. A patrol crew was sent to the site of the simulated oil release. During the drill, the “oil spill” was confirmed. For containing and eliminating the consequences of the “oil spill", emergency response teams, fire brigades, volunteer fire brigade crew members, as well as the environmental safety division and employees of Transneft Security’s Southern IDDS, were sent to the OTPUWC.

Personnel skills of installing booms were honed, an oil simulator was collected from the water surface and transported to the disposal site. Also as part of the ERD, checked were compliance with the standard timeframe for each stage of works, interaction between organisations, departments and divisions involved in the emergency elimination and ERD participants’ observance of industrial, fire and environmental safety measures in the emergency elimination.

The works on elimination of the simulated pollution at the Tikhoretsk – Tuapse OTPUWC were completed to the full extent. All stages of containment and elimination of the simulated oil spill were drilled consecutively, with the Chernomortransneft KRPD units demonstrating concerted response effort and a high level of readiness to emergencies.