Volunteers of Chernomortransneft Repair Monuments and Improve Cemeteries of Warriors in Krasnodar Territory

Date of publication: 08 May 2020

On the eve of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, Chernomortransneft has helped repair monuments and commemorative signs, as well as improve military cemeteries in Krasnodar Territory.

The personnel of the Sheskharis transshipment complex (TC) redecorated and improved the area around four monuments and two mass graves located in Vostochny District of Novorossiysk. In Kirillovka Settlement of Novorossiysk District, volunteers of the production service shop (PSS) painted a monument to soldiers who fell while protecting the approaches to Novorossiysk in 1942. Assistance was also provided in the reconstruction of the mass grave of soldiers of the 142nd battalion of the 255th separate brigade of the Naval Infantry, who died in battles for the defense of Novorossiysk. Special stands with the names of 101 infantry soldiers were installed on the burial site, and information about the final battle was placed.

Employees of the Krasnodar and Tikhoretsk Regional Directorates (KROTPD, TROTPD) repaired two monuments and improved mass graves in Niberdzhay and Messazhay Settlements, Novovelichkovskaya Village and Khadyzhensk Town. The memorial to Soviet soldiers with a memory alley in Kushchevskaya Village was also reconstructed. In addition, new display stands were created for the Museum of Military Glory in Khadyzhensk to house exhibits from the time of the Great Patriotic War. All the work was carried out in compliance with sanitary standards and regulations to counteract the spread of the coronavirus infection.

For reference:
In the year of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, Chernomortransneft pays great attention to the implementation of military and patriotic projects. Employees of the company have taken part in the Beskozyrka (sailor cap) and Memory Watch patriotic campaigns, laid flowers at the monuments and memorials of Novorossiysk. Targeted financial assistance was provided to 74 veterans of the Great Patriotic War of Novorossiysk, Krasnodar and Tikhoretsk, including 63 veterans who are former employees of the company.


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