Chernomortransneft Completes Scheduled Repairs at OTPs

Date of publication: 21 May 2020

Chernomortransneft has performed scheduled repairs at the Tikhoretsk – Novorossiysk-3, Tikhoretsk – Tuapse, Khadyzhensk – Krasnodar, Krymsk – Krasnodar and Kuibyshev –Tikhoretsk oil trunk pipelines.

The works were performed by the emergency operation maintenance divisions of the Krasnodar and Tikhoretsk Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorates (KROTPD and TROTPD) during the scheduled shutdown of oil transportation through the OTP for 72 hours.

11 defects were eliminated on the oil pipelines, 7 valves were middle-repaired, 67 valves were tested for leakage and opening & closing.  The Krymsk Krasnodar OTP underwater crossing via the small watercourse of the Il River was replaced. A receiving collector of the Tikhoretsk – Novorossiysk-3 OTP was removed from the construction zone of mud-trap filters at the Tikhoretskaya line operation dispatcher station (LODS).

At present, the oil trunk pipelines are operating under the standard protocol, oil transportation is carried out as per schedule.

In addition, a set of scheduled repairs was carried out at six oil pumping stations. An inspection of the technological protection systems of the main and booster pump units was carried out. Also, technological protections and the oil and petroleum products’ lease automatic custody transfer units (LACT) were tested for operability.

All the works were carried out as part of the Technical Upgrading, Revamping and Overhaul Programme implemented by Chernomortransneft in order to ensure uninterrupted and safe operation of its oil trunk pipelines.


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