Chernomortransneft Equippes Environmental Analysis Laboratories with New Chromatographs

Date of publication: 02 June 2020

Chernomortransneft has equipped environmental analysis laboratories of the Krasnodar and Tikhoretsk Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (KRUMN, TRUMN) with the new gas chromatographic complexes.

Three gas chromatographs were installed in addition to the existing equipment in environmental analysis laboratories located at operating facilities in Krasnodar, Tikhoretsk and Tuapse.

Chromatographs allow for detailed analysis to determine the maximum concentration of hydrocarbons in industrial emissions and atmospheric air.

Also in 2019, the eco-analytical laboratory of the Sheskharis oil transshipment depot was re-equipped with new gas chromatographs. The goal is to ensure compliance with environmental standards.
Since the beginning of this year, over 6000 samples of atmospheric air and industrial emissions have been tested by gas chromatography in the environmental and analytical laboratories of the company. According to the results of the analyses, the content of the controlled substances did not exceed the maximum permissible concentration values at the boundaries of sanitary protection zones, as well as in industrial emissions.