Chernomortransneft Introduces Diesel Fuel Mass Flow Transducers Unit at Sheskharis Transshipment Complex

Date of publication: 15 July 2020

Chernomortransneft has installed mass flow transducers (MFT) at the Sheskharis transshipment complex (TC) for operational accounting of the mass, volume, density and consumption of diesel fuel pumped through the Tikhoretsk — Novorossiysk-1 petroleum products trunk pipeline (PPTP).

The MFT unit, complete with piping and stop valves, was installed on the tank farm’s territory at the Grushovaya industrial site and connected to the unified supervisory monitoring and control system with data transfer to the facility's microprocessor system of automation (MPSA).

Construction and installation of the MFT was carried out by employees of the Sheskharis TC. Before being put into operation, the new equipment underwent comprehensive testing, and the measuring instrument was verified in order to confirm compliance with the established metrological requirements.