Chernomortransneft Conducts Joint Oil Spill Drill with Transneft Service

Date of publication: 28 July 2020

Chernomortransneft and Transneft Service have conducted a scheduled emergency response drill (ERD) on containment and elimination of a simulated oil spill at the Sheskharis oil transshipment depot (OTD) and in the Black Sea Water Area.

The goal of the ERD is to organise interaction of forces and improve the level of preparedness of the personnel on duty in the implementation of measures to prevent and eliminate emergencies.

The emergency response drill was conducted in two stages. As part of the first stage, the measures of the Sheskharis industrial site technical personnel to contain and eliminate a simulated oil spill on land were practiced.

According to the plan of the ERD, an industrial accident occurred at the Sheskharis TC. As a result of "damage" to a process pipeline, oil in the amount of 430 m3 “poured” onto the site.  Containment of the "spill" was carried out by the forces of a non-regular emergency rescue team. Oil was collected and pumped out, and the damaged section of the process pipeline was restored. Also, fire brigades of FRS-18 of the detachment of Federal Rescue Service No. 8 for Krasnodar Territory of the EMERCOM of Russia and Transneft Security Services’ Southern Interregional Directorate of Departmental Security (IDDS) were involved in the ERD.

The second stage of ERD provided for elimination of a simulated oil spill out in the sea. The events were carried out by professional emergency rescue teams of Transneft Service. Two boom orders were used to collect oil from the water surface. Collection of the “oily mixture” was performed using a skimmer, a special device. The “oil” was loaded onto a storage ship and transported to the port.

As part of the ERD, interaction between operational and maintenance divisions, knowledge of regulatory, technical and operational documentation by employees, as well as observance of industrial, fire and environmental safety measures, were checked.
The observers noted the high efficiency of the ERD, confirmed the readiness of services and personnel for a prompt response, containment and elimination of the consequences of possible accidents. The drills were assessed as satisfactory.

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