Chernomortransneft to Construct 6 Tanks at Sheskharis Transshipment Complex

Date of publication: 05 July 2018 Print

According to the Integrated Revamping Programme for Sheskharis Transshipment Complex (Sheskharis TSC), Chernomortransneft has begun constructing 6 vertical steel tanks (VSTs) with a volume of 30 thousand cubic metres each at Grushovaya industrial site (Grushovaya IS) of Sheskharis TSC.

New tanks with a total volume of 180 thousand cubic metres will be constructed at Grushovaya IS as part of an integrated programme involving the replacement of reinforced concrete tanks (RCTs) with VSTs. They are intended for storage of diesel fuel and petrol.

A VST is a metal structure with a diameter of 40 metres and a height of 22.5 metres having a stationary spherical roof and a floating roof to prevent the evaporation of oil or petroleum products. In addition, the tanks will be protected by a strong wall (dyking) which prevents the product from pouring in case of emergency, as well as an automatic fire-extinguishing system, which significantly increases the industrial and environmental safety of Sheskharis TSC.

The tanks will be constructed in several stages. At the first stage (to be completed in 2019), two VSTs (No. 9 and No. 10) will be constructed. In 2020, within the second stage, four more VSTs (No. 11, No. 12, No. 13 and No. 14) will be constructed. Currently, excavation works are performed for the foundation and dyking. 42 pieces of equipment and more than 60 employees are involved. The service life of the new VSTs is 50 years.

Moreover, construction and installation works are being performed at 9 more sites at Grushovaya IS and Sheskharis IS according to the Integrated Revamping Programme of Sheskharis TSC. Networks of combined trays and the perimeter fence of the site for temporary storage of scrap metal are currently being installed at Grushovaya IS. Novorossiysk checkpoint and pumping stations of the tank farm fire-extinguishing system are being reconstructed. Works on engineering protection of the facility are also ongoing: the riverbed of the Bogago river is being strengthened, construction of the retaining wall for the Sibirskaya Shchel is coming to an end. Construction of the building for the fire station, as well as installation of metal frames, walls and floor slabs are being carried out at Sheskharis IS.